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Paternal Actions

If you are involved in a paternity suit as the mother or the alleged father, you may need clarification on your rights and how to proceed. The Swenson Law Group can skillfully help you through the entire paternity action. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation.
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What Is A Paternity Claim?

A paternity suit is a legal action brought by a mother or other woman to establish the paternity of a child. The father may take a paternity test to prove that he is the child’s biological father. If the paternity test proves that the man is the child’s father, he may be required to pay child support. Paternity suits are filed to establish visitation and custody rights.

Paternity can be filed at any time before the child turns 18. In some states, a paternity suit must be filed within one year of the child’s birth. If a paternity suit is not filed within the required period, the father may be denied the opportunity to establish paternity.

A man named the father in a paternity suit has the right to contest the allegations. He may do this by taking a paternity test. The court will dismiss the case if the test proves that he is not the child’s father.


Creating A Paternity Claim

If you’re considering filing a paternity suit, it’s important to understand the process and what to expect. First, you will need to establish paternity through a DNA test. You can get this test through a private company or the court system. After your paternity test, we will help you file a petition through the court to begin the legal process. Our firm will help you to have everything you need to serve the notice to the father. Once everything is in order, you’ll attend a hearing before a judge to finalize the paternity suit. At this hearing, the paternity test results will be presented, making your case for why the father should be held responsible for child support. Then, if the paternity suit is successful, child support will be granted through the court.

Benefits Of A Paternity Claim

There are many benefits to filing a paternity suit. For one, it can help establish the legal father of a child. This is important for a number of reasons, including child support and custody arrangements. Additionally, a paternity suit can provide clarity and peace of mind for both the child and the parents involved.

In some cases, a paternity suit may also be necessary to access certain government benefits. For example, in the United States, mothers who receive welfare payments may be required to identify the father of their child in order to continue receiving assistance. Filing a paternity suit can help establish this relationship and ensure that the mother receives the benefits she needs.

A paternity suit can help resolve any questions or doubts about a child’s parentage. This can be an important step in moving forward with one’s life and providing stability for a child. If you are considering filing a paternity suit, it is important to speak with our experienced attorney’s who can help you understand the process and your legal rights.

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